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Legacy Society

An elite group of supporters, known as the Legacy Society, have committed to include the Rheumatology Research Foundation in their estate plans. Gifts of this nature, or planned giving, are legally arranged during the donor's lifetime, but are not usually paid until a later date. 

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For many donors, planned giving is a realistic and comfortable way to make a major financial contribution.  Legacy Society supporters enjoy member benefits, such as invitations to Foundation events and special recognition.  They also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that their long-range gift will ensure the future of rheumatology.

Ways to Make a Planned Gift

  • Bequest in Will: State a bequest in a will to make planned giving easy and simple.
  • Gifts of Real Estate: Deed real property to the Foundation.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: This is a combination of a gift with an annuity.
  • Life Insurance:  Donate an existing or new policy, or designate all or part of a policy to the Foundation.
  • Qualified Retirement Plans:  Name the Foundation as a beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan. 
  • Deferred Gift Annuity:  Similar to a charitable gift annuity, but the payments are deferred to a future date.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: Designate a trustee to manage assets in a Charitable Remainder Trust.
  • Charitable Lead Trust: Specify a period of years for the Foundation to receive an income before your heirs receive the remainder.
  • Endowed Gifts: Provide a permanent source of support for a particular purpose.
  • Foundations: Private foundations may designate the Rheumatology Research Foundation as a qualified distributee.

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