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Notice of Special Interest Highlights Availability of Funds for Projects Exploring Telehealth 

ATLANTA — The Rheumatology Research Foundation (Foundation) has announced the availability of funds for projects exploring the use of telehealth to improve patient care and health outcomes in individuals with rheumatologic and musculoskeletal diseases. Ultimately, insights gained from this body of research will help answer rapidly emerging questions about telehealth in the rheumatology space.

Telehealth adoption has grown exponentially since the advent of COVID-19. While the pandemic has accelerated the acceptance of telehealth in rheumatology, more research exploring the potential impact of telehealth on patient outcomes is needed.

As a result, the Foundation, in partnership with AbbVie and UCB, with additional support provided by Bristol Myers Squibb, issued a Notice of Special Interest (NOSI) addressing the urgent need for research demonstrating improved outcomes. This funding adds to the existing, extensive portfolio of other research funded through the Foundation's Awards and Grants program.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has required flexibility and creativity on the part of the rheumatology community as it has continued to provide quality care for patients in unprecedented circumstances. In the setting of these challenges, new tools like digital health platforms have enabled rheumatologists and advanced practice professionals to reach and care for patients in new ways,” said Jeff Stark, MD, Head of Immunology Medical Affairs, UCB. “We are very excited to work with an innovative partner like the Rheumatology Research Foundation to explore the future of telemedicine – to demonstrate its current value, to highlight future opportunities for its optimization, and to establish its impact on outcomes for patients with inflammatory diseases.”

“AbbVie is committed to fostering innovation and advancing research for those living with rheumatic diseases,” said Ryan DeMasi, MD, Therapeutic Area Head, Rheumatology, US Medical Affairs. “In light of the challenges the community is facing right now, this partnership with the Rheumatology Research Foundation is an important opportunity to explore the future of telehealth and help further revolutionize patient care.”

ACR/ARP members are encouraged to review the NOSI and submit applications online. The Foundation will host a webinar for applicants on May 13 and required Letters of Intent are due June 1.


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