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Thank you for your interest in funding opportunities offered by the Rheumatology Research Foundation! The following information will guide you through the application process.

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I submit my application?

All applications must be submitted online. You can find links to individual applications on each award page.

What is my username and password for the online application?

First-time users of the online award application system must create a username and password. Applicants will be required to create a Professional Profile in ProposalCentral prior to applying for a Foundation award. Please save this information. Foundation staff will not have access to passwords. There is a password recovery link on the login page for each award application to reset your password if needed.

Who is the "administrative official"?

This is the person from your institution’s Grants & Contracts / Sponsored Projects / Research Administration office who will receive a copy of the Notice of Award.

What if I have data that won’t be published until after the deadline?

Special requests must be made in advance if you will need to provide supplemental information after the deadline.

Are the page limits really enforced?

Yes. You must comply with all page limitations or your application will be returned.

Do references count toward my page limit?

For more specific information on page limits, check the Request for Applications document associated with the award you are applying for.

What if I need to upload supplementary information?

Each applicant receives one additional upload to be used at his or her discretion. The upload may not be used to circumvent the page limitations. Your proposal, etc., should be stand-alone documents.

What about indirect costs?

Unless otherwise stated in the Request for Applications and/or Conditions of Award document, a Foundation award cannot be used to provide institutional support. We do not supply funds for indirect costs or overhead. Please see below for our policy regarding fringe benefits.

What is fringe documentation?

Fringe documentation is provided by your Grants & Contracts/OSP/ORA office detailing the negotiated fringe rates for your institution. The rates are usually in a document that includes the facilities and administrative cost rates approved for use on grants, contracts and other agreements. You can search “fringe rate” on your institution’s website or ask your grants officer for more details.

Can I delete a document that I have uploaded?

When completing the application, you may click the trash can icon to remove a file that was previously uploaded.

Can I apply for several different awards in the same cycle/fiscal year?

Generally, you can apply for different awards in the same cycle/fiscal year. However, we do have a few exceptions and limitations. Please see award Request for Applications for specific eligibility requirements for each award.

You may not apply for the following in the same cycle:

  • Scientist Development Award and the Investigator Award
  • Amgen Fellowship Training Award and Fellowship Training Award for the Workforce Expansion
  • Innovative Research Award and Innovative Research Award for Clinical Practitioners

How many times can I apply for the same award(s)?

For most awards, we do limit how many times you can apply. Preceptorships are the exception. A preceptor can apply for the award multiple times, but he or she must work with a different student each time. Previous preceptor/preceptee pairs are not eligible to apply again. Please see each awards' Request for Application for specific eligibility requirements prior to completing the application.

Are international investigators allowed to submit a proposal?

As noted in the awards and grants policies, all projects must be completed at a U.S.-based sponsoring institution.

How do I withdraw my award application?

You can e-mail your request to us.

For more information, read our awards and grants policies.

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