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The Rheumatology Research Foundation Appoints Eryn Marchiolo, MPH to Serve as Interim Executive Director

May 26, 2021

ATLANTA- The Rheumatology Research Foundation (Foundation) is pleased to announce that Eryn Marchiolo, MPH will serve as Interim Executive Director effective immediately. Established by the American College of Rheumatology in 1985, the Foundation awards funding to recruit and train more people into the field and supports innovative research. Mary Wheatley, IOC, CAE, who has served as Executive Director since 2014, recently shared her plans to join the Scleroderma Foundation as CEO this summer.

Ms. Marchiolo has served as the Foundation’s Senior Director of Research and Training since 2013. With 16 years of experience in public health nonprofit management, she has dedicated her career to research and public health, from the community level with the Dekalb County Board of Health, to funding initiatives with Susan G. Komen for the Cure. During her tenure at the Foundation, she oversaw the Awards and Grants Department and served as staff liaison for the Scientific Advisory Council. Marchiolo currently serves as the co-chair of the NIAMS Coalition.

“I look forward to leading the Foundation through a seamless transition,” said Ms. Marchiolo. “The team is already developing our next strategic plan and has begun implementing new opportunities for engagement with rheumatology researchers, educators, providers, and trainees, patients with rheumatic diseases, and the generous donors who support our mission.”

President of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, S. Louis Bridges, Jr., MD, PhD shared, “Mary has left an indelible mark on the ACR and the Foundation and we are all better because of her leadership. For the past eight years, she has worked in tandem with Eryn as the Foundation saw significant growth in every aspect of our mission. While most non-profit organizations have struggled over the past year, the Foundation has thrived. In addition to funding our standing research and training awards, we were able to address the impact of the pandemic on the rheumatology community and our patients by providing an additional $1.65 M for COVID-related research this past year. The executive leadership team is grateful to both Eryn and Mary, and we are excited about the future of the Foundation.”

About the Rheumatology Research Foundation
The Rheumatology Research Foundation is the largest private funding source of rheumatology research and training programs in the U.S. Established in 1985, the Foundation is focused on advancing patient care and accelerating discoveries in rheumatic diseases. More information about the Foundation can be found at



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