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Recipient Information

Rheumatology Research Foundation awards.Congratulations on receiving an award from the Rheumatology Research Foundation! The following information will be useful during and after your award term.

Awardee Portal

Rheumatology researchers at a computer at the University of Colorado Denver.Awardees will be able to edit their award information, submit progress reports, final reports or requests by logging into ProposalCentral and navigating to the “Awards” tab. Please login with the username and password utilized at the time of application. If you forgot your password, there is a recovery link on the login page. If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact Foundation staff.

Please see the Foundation’s Awards & Grant Policies for Post-Award policies. Detailed instructions on submitting an Award Request can be found here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the “contracts office contact"?

The “contracts office contact” is someone in your institution’s Grants & Contracts / Sponsored Projects / Research Administration office. This is the person who will receive a copy of the Notice of Award.

When will I receive my payment(s)?

Payments are sent out twice a year, in January and July, unless otherwise noted in your Conditions of Award document.

How is travel to the ACR Convergence handled?

For most awards, travel to the ACR Convergence should be budgeted into the award’s funds, unless otherwise noted. You can find more specific information in the “Award Terms and Funding” section of your conditions of award agreement.

Do I have to submit a progress report and a final report?

If you have a multi-year award, you are required to complete both. If you have a single-year award, you are only required to complete a final report. Progress reports are normally due in the spring. Final reports are due at the end of your award term.

What are the penalties if I don’t send a progress or final report to the Foundation?

Progress and final reports are mandatory for all award recipients. Not submitting a progress or final report will hinder your eligibility to receive additional funding from the Foundation. If you do not comply with award deadlines and conditions, reporting requirements and proposed time/effort commitments, your institution may also be penalized for future Foundation submissions.

Who do I inform if I have a change in address or contact information?

Please contact Foundation Staff.

How and when should I recognize the funding I received from the Foundation?

You must acknowledge funding support you received from the Foundation in any publication or presentation that comes from, in whole or in part, your award. To do so, use the following language: “Funding for this project was provided by the Rheumatology Research Foundation’s       (insert name of award received)." If visuals are part of your presentation or publication, you should include the Foundation’s logo. For a copy of the logo and its usage guidelines, contact Foundation staff.

Should I tell the Foundation if I publish a study based on work I did with the help of my award?

Yes! We want to know about Foundation-funded work that is being published as soon as your manuscript is accepted, even after your award term has expired. All you have to do is fill out the publications form.

How do I cancel my award?

You must submit a formal letter to the Foundation explaining your cancellation. This can be submitted by logging into the awardee portal, or contacting Foundation Staff directly.

For more information, read the Foundation’s awards and grants policies.

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