An elderly lady places her hand on her husband's shoulder.

Rodnan Gout Prints

In 1994, the estate of former ACR President Gerald P. Rodnan, MD, graciously granted the Foundation permission to reproduce a limited number of prints from his collection of antique gout artwork. 

The Foundation thanks the Rodnan family for their generous donation of the Gout Prints. The Rodnan Commemorative Gout Prints have reminded us of the challenges that patients face every day. They are reminders of how far we have come, yet how far we still must go in understanding, educating, and managing rheumatologic diseases.


Rodnan Gout Print Library


Princely (2017)
80th Annual Meeting


La Presse Anglaise

81st Annual Meeting

Leap Year (2016)
80th Annual Meeting

  Pope Joan (2015)
79th Annual Meeting

2016 Annual Gout Print "Leap Year."   2015 Annual Gout Print "Pope Joan"

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